6 Ways To Style A Garden Gazebo – Gazebo Ideas

6 Ways To Style A Garden Gazebo – Garden Gazebo Ideas

Are you searching for interesting and unique garden gazebo ideas to throw an outdoor celebration this year? Well, we have put together six incredible garden party ideas to help you transform your gazebo or marquee and create a welcoming and memorable atmosphere for friends and family. From rustic outdoor baby showers to elegant wedding gazebo concepts, with just one gazebo you can plan and host a wide range of amazing outdoor events and get-togethers. No need to worry about the weather, a high-quality gazebo from Uno Shade will ensure your guests are kept warm and dry as well as shaded from the sun during the hottest months of the year. So, read on to discover six garden gazebo ideas.

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1: Alice In Wonderland Garden Gazebo Idea

Searching for a garden gazebo idea for an upcoming children’s birthday party? Well, look no further than down the rabbit hole! Turn a simple white gazebo marquee into the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with playing card decorations, cute white rabbit decorations and elegant teacups and saucers. For this fun and creative garden party idea, introduce little ones to the game of Croquet, or perhaps you can arrange a treasure hunt to find the Queen’s painted roses around the gazebo. Since your table and tea party will take centre stage, you don’t necessarily need to hang decorations from the gazebo, as you’ll want all eyes on the centrepiece, an Alice in Wonderland-themed cake, of course! So, encourage little guests to dress up in blue and white and throw a magical experience under the safety of your garden gazebo.

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2: BBQ & Stargazing Garden Party

If you’re going for a rustic vibe for your gazebo garden party, make sure to incorporate as many floral and foliage decorations as possible to really transform the look at feel of your marquee. Wind green grapevines around the poles of the gazebo along with elegant fairy lights that will keep your garden party going as the sun slowly begins to set. This will fit in well with natural surroundings and give your party an understated earthy feel. Serve chilled beer and cider, burgers, hot dogs and salad. And for something sweet, and as long as the weather permits it, invite guests to roast marshmallows outside of the gazebo, before getting ready to stargaze.

To really pull off this BBQ and stargazing concept, make sure to have plenty of oversized bean bags and fluffy blankets to help your guests relax, snuggle up, and look towards to sky. Add a dazzling element to your party by giving guests sparklers to end the night on a high and take some incredible photographs to remember your party for years to come!

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3: Wedding Gazebo – Floral Elegance

If you’re planning a small, intimate outdoor wedding, you need to invest in a high-quality gazebo. Not only will it provide shelter from the rain, but it also acts as a windshield and can easily be decorated and turned into your evening celebration and sit-down meal, with wooden tables and chairs. Use soft colour combinations such as cream and dusty pink or ivory and willow green for understated elegance. Upgrade cutlery to rose gold and serve meals on fine china. Choose solar-powered lights to illuminate your wedding gazebo at night, and use rose petals to mark the entrance and tealights to draw attention to floral centrepieces. For entertainment, it’s got to be Jazz. And for drinks, Champagne on arrival is a must.

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4: Rustic Baby Shower & Garden Gazebo

Planning a baby shower can be a little overwhelming at first, especially if the mum-to-be wants an outdoor event. But thanks to garden gazebos, you can plan the perfect, rustic outdoor baby shower without feeling stressed out about the weather. We highly recommend this stunning white gazebo with mesh walls, since it’ll showcase your theme and allow you to still feel as though you’re completely outdoors.

Rather than opt for bright pink and baby blue, upgrade your garden gazebo baby shower to a gender-neutral event, where the focus is on mum and relaxation, over anticipating the birth. Swap guessing games for brunch and mocktails. Ditch gender reveals and choose horoscopes or palm reading as activities. To keep everyone comfy which celebrating outdoors, put down a thick rug and plenty of cushions. Also have warm covers and blankets on hand in case the weather gets a little cool as the sunsets.

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5: Arabian Nights Garden Party

For a warm summer evening event, decorate your garden gazebo and create the ultimate Arabian Night’s garden party. Put down an elaborate and large rug. Light incense to set the scene, and dress outdoor furniture with cushions in red, burnt orange and brown. Keep the gazebo open and use candles to add warmth and welcome your guests in. Invest in a silver Moroccan tea set and serve sweet mint tea, figs, cheese, wine and chocolate-covered dates. Play Arabic music in the background to really elevate your evening and almost transport you to the Sahara Dessert. While a cream or white canopy would work well for this look, why not make it a little more dark and seductive for a navy gazebo instead.

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6: Luxury Picnic Garden Gazebo Idea

Last but not least, we come to luxury picnic garden parties. A huge trend thanks to social media, you too can throw your own garden picnic by investing in a garden gazebo from our online collection. Ideal for keeping you and your guests dry, comfortable and shaded from the sun during the hottest months of the year! To master the luxury picnic vibe, create an aesthetically pleasing cheeseboard on a wooden slab, and use high-quality glassware to serve chilled white wine or Prosecco. To decorate your garden gazebo, use a large picnic basket, a picnic blanket as a tablecloth and wooden serving bowls and utensils. For this gorgeous garden gazebo idea, choose our white canopy gazebo tent. Ideal for spontaneous picnics, it is very easy to transport and assemble.


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