Cantilever Umbrellas – Why Everyone Should have one !

Outdoor Cantilever Umbrella

What is Cantilever Umbrella?

These elegant cantilever umbrellas can add a touch of elegance to your outdoors such as backyards or courtyards. The cantilever umbrella is designed with an offset pole to enable sitting in shade without any obstruction. Additionally, these have an adjustable canopy for you to provide all-day sun protection. This tilting effect helps you shield the rain and the blazing sun and provide more shade than the customary rigid umbrellas. You can find a variety in its style and size. A must addition to your outdoors and to explore options with us click below

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Top benefits of buying Cantilever Umbrellas

Compared to the traditional style umbrellas with a central rigid pole, these particular umbrellas with movable side poles have become well known for their matchless benefits to customers.

Diversity in Size and Shape

You can choose your cantilever umbrella in various available dimensions and shapes. Vast options for sizes and shape helps you to opt for the best match for your outdoor décor. For example, if you want high coverage for special outdoor gatherings, you can opt for large umbrellas instead of a single small umbrella. UNOSHADE offers a 3.0m Cantilever umbrella-Grey, a large outdoor cantilever umbrella most suitable for large gatherings.

Cantilever Umbrellas

A Must Pool Side Accessory

Do you want alluring pool coverage for your pool? Then, you are at the right place. You can cover your lounge chair and pool area by adjusting the base of these pool cantilever umbrellas. If you are swimming on a hot day, you can cover your pool area to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays. Similarly, during heavy rain, you can also adjust these twirling umbrellas. Our company provides you with the best 3.0 m Cantilever Umbrella with 48 into 48 cm Base-Beige for pool coverage.

Easy to Setup

You can efficiently operate these enthralling umbrellas especially using UNOSHADE Cantilever Umbrellas. You can modify the angle and set it up by pushing the handle crank. These umbrellas are easily controlled. You can adjust the height, canopy, and coverage according to your desire and need. UNOSHADE 3 m Cantilever Umbrella-Black is easy to use. You can also adjust the shading angle according to the sun’s orientation. You can open and close these umbrellas with a user-friendly cranking system.

Waterproof and UV Resistance

These sturdy umbrellas provide a surplus resistance against pressure, humidity, rainwater, and temperature extremes. You want to relish in the outdoors without any defacement. You want to cherish the panorama during the rainy season without any defacement. We offer the best water-resistant and UV resistant cantilever umbrellas. Our 3.0 m Cantilever Umbrella with 50 into 50 cm Base-Grey comes with a high UV resistant fabric top covering 3 m in diameter.

No Drilling is Required

You never need to drill a hole in your table while using an offset cantilever umbrella. Instead, you have to simply place the catchy umbrella over the table. If you already have a table, you don’t have to roam for a new one. Instead, you can make use of it, making your life a bit easier. We offer the best 3.0 m Roma Cantilever Umbrella- Navy with an offset pole aside.

360-degree Rotation

These swirling Cantilever Umbrellas provide high coverage. Being rotatable, you can modify them at any particular angle. Twirling umbrellas have an optimal 360-degree canopy. You can cover your required space by adequately using the cranking system. This feature was unavailable in the traditional shade umbrellas with poles in the centre of the canopy. Check out 3.0 m Cantilever Umbrella with 50 into 50 cm Base one of the options which comes with a base.

Comfortable Arrangement

With them, you can make a cozy setup for your outdoors. You can decently organize the chairs and tables and place the umbrella over it to make it look fancy. Our company fulfils your demand and provides you with an easier and more affordable setup for your home dining and outdoors. In addition, we offer a user-friendly comfortable sitting for our customers. We aim to provide a 3.0 m Roma Cantilever Umbrella-Charcoal that conforms to your homey requirements.

Wide Furniture Placement

When it comes to the furniture layouts of these extraordinary umbrellas, you find versatility in the placement options. It depends on your personal choice. You can place your umbrella anywhere you would like. When you are doing furniture shopping for your patio, you come across a variety to choose from. UNOSHADE provides you with customized placement options. You can opt for 3.0 m Roma Cantilever Umbrella-Black.

Durability and Toughness

The material used in these umbrellas is strong and durable. Having a rough texture, it provides safety from abrasion and scratches. As these umbrellas are tough and resistant, these umbrellas endure any type of damage, thus keeping the surface intact and safe. We offer a variety of these unique umbrellas. 3.0 m Cantilever Umbrella with 50 into 50 cm Base-Navy comes with sustainable fabric.

Why Buy from us

We know you want a big bang for your buck, a high-quality product at an affordable rate and this is what we aim to do. You can avail quality cantilever umbrellas at a reasonable price from our online shop. While buying the Cantilever Umbrellas, you have to be mindful of how much space you have, and then you decide the shape and size of your targeted umbrella.

Choose from a wide variety of colours from our store. These Cantilever umbrellas or offset umbrellas are reasonably priced waiting to be shipped to you. Shop now!

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