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Awnings are elegant and cost-effective means of providing protection in harsh sun and rain conditions. These can be installed as covering over the door and window and are made from high quality materials to withstand tough weather conditions. At Uno Shade, awnings comes in different shapes, colours and sizes to meet our customers individual requirements.

  • Fixed Awnings

    These types of awnings are fixed on door and windows and give an attractive structural touch to the facade of house. These are made up of polycarbonate material which is known to be extremely tough with high impact strength. There are various shapes and sizes available, to cater to different tastes. Click here to protect your doors and windows.

  • Retractable Awnings

    These folding arm awnings are excellent way to have shade when you want it, but then if you wish you can retract them to give you a full view of the skies. The retractable awnings are available in two versions manual or motorised. They are made of high quality material to protect from UV rays and are made of anti-rust aluminium material. Different sizes and colours are available to suit your personal needs. Click here to explore our range.

  • Side Awnings

    They protect you from low sun glare and give you the required privacy when you enjoy your backyard outside. They are retractable and come in different sizes to meet your individual requirements. Made from stainless steel (anti-rust) and polyester fibre, giving you the required protection and privacy. Click here to explore our range.

  • Outdoor Roller Blinds

    The outdoor roller blinds are an excellent way to provide shade by blocking sun and lowering the temperature inside. The can be installed such as, on your patios, exterior of windows, garden. Additionally, they can protect from insects and provide privacy. Click here to explore our range.