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Welcome to Uno Shade, an outdoor shade and furnishing company providing quality shade and furniture products at reasonable prices. Our constant endeavour is to provide high quality, elegant outdoor umbrellas at reasonable prices. The outdoor umbrellas are excellent shading products not only giving you the required protection from the sun and its harmful UV rays but also giving a touch of elegance to the outdoors.

Outdoor Umbrellas

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Out outdoor or patio umbrellas protect you from harmful UV rays and lower temperature as you spend time with loved ones underneath them. They perfectly complement our outdoor furnishing range as well as provide the required elegance to outdoor settings. Click here to buy from our range.

Cantilever Umbrellas

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They are different in design in comparison to outdoor or patio umbrellas, as the pole is not in the centre of the umbrella canopy. They require larger space to set up but provide more unobstructed shade areas due to their design. Excellent sun protection and adjustment features make them usable throughout the day. Click here to explore.

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