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Welcome to Uno Shade, an outdoor shade and furnishing company. At Uno Shade we are continuously striving to provide wide variety of outdoor shading and furnishing products at reasonable prices to our customers. Buy from our wide variety of outdoor tents, marquees and gazebos for your outdoors such as, day out at beach or outdoor socialising events.

Our Tent Range Includes:

  • Beach & Outdoor Tents

    They provide excellent shading and UV protection for your beach and outdoor outings. They are easy to carry, light weight and either are easy to install or have pop-up mechanism for automatic installation. Click here to explore the range.

  • Gazebos & Marquees

    Our gazebos and marquees are available in different shapes and sizes. Easy to install, lowers temperature and protects you from the harmful UV rays. Click here to explore our range of gazebos.

  • Gazebo Canopies or Replacement Roofs

    We also have gazebo canopies or replacement roofs made from water and UV resist material. Available in different sizes and colours and a cost effective solution if you already have the gazebo frame structure. Click here for replacing your gazebo roof.

  • Tent & Gazebo Accessories

    We have accessories for tents and gazebos such as gazebo leg pods providing additional stability to gazebo structure and tent pegs. Click here to explore.