Retractable Awnings | A Practical & Aesthetical Option to Your Outdoors

Retractable Awnings – An aesthetic Appeal

We all know that feeling; you wake up in the morning, see the sunshine and plan the day in your backyard. However, once you get out in the sun, you realize it’s not gonna work. It’s too hot! What you need, my friend is outdoor shade. Meaning, you need retractable awnings. Awnings are perfect shade creators, as well as an excellent addition to your patio. Outdoor living is definitely very trendy lately, so why not embrace the opportunity to use your space for chilling, entertaining, and even cooking.

Awnings are undoubtedly one of the most fantastic ways to add value to your home. Moreover, creating an outdoor living space using your imagination and creativity can be very exciting. However, whether you wish to simply throw a rug and some pillows or install a whole couch on your patio, you want to keep the area safe from the elements. A porch awning will ensure you have enough outdoor shade while still protecting your stuff from the scorching sun and heavy rain.

What exactly are retractable awnings?

If your budget doesn’t allow you to construct a covered porch, retractable awnings are your go-to. An awning is basically an overhang that you stretch over your porch, patio, or backyard to provide cover. Retractable awnings are genius since they allow you to drastically expand your living space and use your backyard for longer for a fraction of the cost. So not only will you save building money, but also on overall energy costs.

You can choose from several types of awnings available, including fixed and retractable awnings. Both can be made from canvas, metal, or wood material.


Also, since the materials and the design improved so much in recent years, awnings are now longer lasting and way more flexible. Moreover, with automated or motorised retractable awnings, you have complete control when it comes to protecting your space from the elements.

For flexibility, awnings are fantastic since they can be extended up to 16.5 feet wide. In addition, you can get them custom-fitted and installed with many different fabric choices.

Why do you need retractable awnings?

Expanding your outdoor living space is fantastic, but it’s not the only benefit of using awnings. The protection from direct sunlight, harmful UV rays, and heavy rains is the most crucial benefit.

If you let moisture get anywhere near your foundation, you could be facing some expensive problems:

  • Leaks could cause water to get into your basement through foundation or window wells.
  • Sagging in your foundation might cause cracks and fractures, leading to severe foundation issues.
  • You could have mould buildup in your walls, which not only deteriorates your construction materials but is also very dangerous.

But, if you invest in some aluminium awnings, it will help tremendously keep your house safe. Moreover, awnings will definitely help keep your windows at a consistent temperature. That way, you can prevent moisture buildup on your windows. We all know what moisture does to materials, so why not hamper that?

So, let’s break down the top benefits of retractable awnings.

Awnings will protect against the elements

This is the most critical benefit of awnings in your outdoor living space. Awnings will protect your porch from heavy rain and ultraviolet rays, so you can relax outside without worry. In addition, if you protect yourself and the members of your household with a porch awning, there will be many more beautiful days to spend in your backyard chill zone.

Awnings will protect your furniture

Not only are they fantastic shade providers, but awnings will also protect your furniture from damaging sun rays and drops of rain. Also, these scorching sun rays might ruin not just your outdoor furniture but your indoor one too. Those UV rays can get through your windows and fade the colours on your quality materials. However, if you place an awning, you’ll block the sun from hitting your stuff and extend the life of your carpets and furniture.

Pro tip: If you decide to invest in a retractable awning, you’ll be in complete control of the sun and shade amount you get. So, if you’re into sunbathing for a bit, retract the awning to 50 per cent of its length. Then, if it starts pouring, simply extend the retractable awning to cover your entire outdoor living space. Et voil√†!

Awnings help create excellent entertainment areas

Spending your free time with family and friends is always much nicer outside, in the fresh air. However, during hot summer days, you might not be able to do it without awnings or retractable awnings. If you opt for a retractable awning, it will act as a barrier from sunburns. If you opt for one that stretches over your entire outdoor living area, you will be able to hold gatherings in any type of weather.


Awnings help reduce your electric bills

Once the high summer sets in, air conditioning units are in overdrive. These warm summer months can feel like they’re living in hell for those without any type of awnings. If you’re not that into air conditioning or simply want to reduce your energy bills, you should definitely invest in awnings. Polycarbonate awnings will undoubtedly prevent the quick heat-up of your house. Also, you won’t have to use blinds to keep the heat out.

As awnings are installed to cover your entire porch, the sun cannot reach the door that leads to the patio. Hence, your home remains cooler, and you don’t need to use your air conditioner as often.

Awnings add value to your property

Awnings are not that luxurious financially but can increase the value of your home significantly. Those looking to buy houses will always search for properties that will get them the most for their money. So, placing an awning over your patio can turn your standard porch into an outdoor living area. That is a big plus if you ask anyone looking to buy a house.

Energy-saving is a goal for many, so having awnings is typically very appealing to potential buyers. That’s how you obtain a higher sale price.

Awnings can make all the difference aesthetically

If you decide to install an awning, you will get instant aesthetic improvement. After all, awnings come in many types, shapes, sizes, and designs. That means you can play the designer and let your creativity do the work. You can even tailor the awning to complement your home and customize them in various ways. The fantastic thing about them is you have complete control over the design and overall look.

Also, installing an awning over your patio will make your outdoor living space so much more elegant. It’s a totally affordable but highly beneficial item that will make your backyard feel much more “homey”.

Types of awnings

There are many ways in which you can use these intelligent outdoor living solutions. For any type of need, you can find a suitable awning.

So, there are door and window awnings, retractable awnings, motorised retractable awnings, fixed pivot retractable awnings and side awnings that work as sort of a wall to protect you from the elements and nosy neighbours. Click here to see all the awning options available with us.

Choosing a retractable awning for your home

Whether you’re looking to make some shade in your backyard or simply protect the space from rain, retractable awnings are your best bet. Those work perfectly to keep your porch nice and cool and help make the most out of your outdoor living space.

I wholeheartedly suggest trying out Uno Shade’s awnings since there are both fixed and retractable available. Also, there is a well-spring of various fabrics to choose from. From material to polycarbonate awnings/canopies to enhance your living and protect your home from the elements. Once you pick the one that best suits your home, you’ll be amazed at how fresh, and new your place will look.

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